HOWND Miracle White and Bright naravni šampon z balzamom


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Miracle White&Bright Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for all coat colors of different dog breeds. This is a natural alternative to whitening products that consist chemicals. It’s made from Botanical extracts and contains zero bleaches and chemical dyes. This products helps with neutralizing discolorations and removes stains. The product is wheat free and Vegan.

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Miracle White&Bright Conditioning Shampoo is formulated in a way where it can be used on dogs of all breed and color. It is a natural alternative to chemically treated whitening and brightening products. With the help of botanical extracts this product was made with zero bleaches, chemical dyes or optical brightners. This product is best used to neutralize doscolorization and remove stains. Besides being cruelty-free is also wheat free and vegan.  A natural ingredient which was made from the Green Tea extract provides dual anti-free racial action, because it removes dirt and bacteria by attracting free radicals and oxidants from the hair follicles. With the help of this a white dog will stay white and other colored dogs will have a more vibrant coat. In the shampoo you will also find a vegan alternative to Keratin which helps to protect an repair a dog’s coat by adding moisture and conditioning. With the help of Ginger extracts you will strengthen and further condition the coat. Like other hownd products this one also contains Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and a blend of different essential oils that help your dog smell nice and also to keep fleas and insects away. There is also Jasmine in the product that helps get the coat of your dog healthy and glossy. Also contains odour neutralizer to further absorb not so sweet doggy odours. Miracle White&Bright is free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soap and dyes. You can also use it while using topical flea products.   HOWND is against animal cruelty. Miracle White&Bright Conditioning Shampoo is Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International.   How to use: To use spray your pet with warm water and apply shampoo as required, massage while scrubbing any dirty patches and repeat as necessary. Use a warm cloth for the face and insides of ears (dry ears well), rinse until the water runs clear. Avoid contact with the eyes and mouth and rinse until water runs clear.   Ingredients: Purified water Coconut & palm derived cleansers Coco betaine Hydrolyzed vegetable protein Camellia sinensis leaf extract Zingiber Officinale (ginger) root extract Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice Orange essential oils Fragrance Polysorbate-20 Linalool Odor neutralizer Preservative Blend    Box Contains: 250ml  



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